Friday, 19 December 2014

Boat Ahoy

Tonight we are heading off to Lincoln to check on Naughty-Cal, not that we expect her to be going anywhere from her position ashore but because we want to make sure that the heaters are doing their job and keeping her toasty warm and frost free. We won't be down much over the Christmas period so this will be our last chance to make sure she is protected from the cold weather.

Whilst we are down we will do a few small odd jobs. The LED lights we installed need sealing into place to ensure a watertight fit and we have a couple more USB sockets to install, one in the cockpit next to the table and one in the cabin where the TV sits when we have it aboard. 

If time permits I might also take a trip to Torksey caravans to buy some new waste water hose for the shower drain. This has been the root of a persistent water leak from the shower room all year, well in all fairness probably for longer but last year we blamed it on the shower sump box which also had a leak. Hopefully with this fixed Naughty-Cal will have dry bilges for the year in 2015, instead of us having to pump out the bilges every now and then.

We don't plan to stay all weekend and either Saturday evening or Sunday morning we will head home leaving Naughty-Cal safe and sound for the next week or so until our next visit on new years eve.

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