Thursday, 18 December 2014

More Presents for the Datsun

Last night it was Christmas time again for the old faithful Datsun as Liam set about giving her the annual engine service.

The old girl really doesn't give much trouble through out the year so it was nice to give her some fresh oil, new plugs and belts and new filters as a thank you for another reliable years service.

Surprisingly it wasn't that expensive to get the genuine service parts from Nissan, in fact the price was comparible to going to the local motor factors and buying cheap non genuine parts. Whats the point when you can have the real deal for pretty much the same price? There was pence difference.

So freshly serviced the Datsun should be ready for another years service. It's MOT time shortly after Christmas. A thorough search around the car found nothing obvious that would fail the test so hopefully she should be good to go for another year. She even seems a bit more sprightly after her winter fettle up, although I'm sure this is all in the mind!

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