Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Merry Christmas Datsun

As it's Christmas time and both the boat and the house have had some TLC it was time last night to start on my car, the ever faithful Datsun, well Nissan nowadays.

To be truthful the MOT is due shortly after the Christmas break so  we thought it about time that we sorted a few things out, mainly the handbrake which has been a bit dodgy for a while now.

So last night after work Liam set about stripping the rear brakes, the discs and pads were all still in good condition so after a quick inspection they were reassembled again and the car put back on all four wheels to try it out again. Low and behold the problem with the handbrake not working properly on one side has now switched to the other side. Oh bugger.

By now it was getting a bit late in the evening to be stripping them down again so we set about cleaning the car instead. Whilst Liam had been messing around with the brakes I had set about the interior which was now vacuumed and dusted to within an inch of its life so we just had the exterior to tackle, or so I thought,  as shortly after we had finished Liam popped the bonnet and set about the engine bay! I it really wise to drown a petrol engine with the jet wash?

Well I didn't think so but true to form after a quick mop up and wipe around she sprang into life again at the first turn of the key with the engine and bay looking sparkly clean to match the rest of the now sparkly Datsun.

So tonight we have another evening of fettling the Datsun as she is ready for her annual engine service. This time as well as the oil, filter, air filter and spark plugs, the belts will also need changing as they have never been done in the nearly ten years she has been on the road.

Blimey,  my Datsun is ten years old in January. It doesn't seem like I have had it that long but it will be nine years now! She isn't doing bad for an aging Datsun.

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