Thursday, 20 March 2014

The Light of Day

This has not seen the light of day for a long while. When we moved house over seven years ago now, it was hung in the garage and has not been out since!

As Liams bike should be ready for Friday afternoon we decided that it was probably time that mine saw the light of day again so we could wash it down and check it over before the weekend.

After seven years hung upside down by its wheels we expected there to be one or two minor teething problems, but I am glad to say that after a quick jet wash to remove the dust, some oil to the chain and a minor tweak to the adjustment on the brakes it is ready to go. The extended period in storage appears to have done it no harm at all.

So now all we have to do is figure out how to get two bikes and all of the usual boat gear into the car tomorrow for the trip to Lincoln. Its at times like this that I need a bigger car!

We are still unsure as to where our first bike ride will take us. We were toying with the idea of taking the boat to Washingborough for the weekend and cycling along the cycleway from Washingborough to Bardney, some seven or so miles away on easy terrain. This should break us back into cycling nicely and there is a nice pub to enjoy a quick pint before cycling back again. 

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