Tuesday, 4 March 2014

More new "Things"

This year we have decided that it is high time we did a little more exercise whilst on the boat. We have a nasty habit of mooring up somewhere and then just heading for the nearest pub, which isn't great for the waistline to say the least.

So we have bought Liam a new bike and we are going to get mine out of the garage, dust it down and service it and they are going to the marina for the summer. It is ideal in Lincolnshire to break us gently back into cycling with the miles and miles of flat, easy to ride trails. The trail running along the river Witham seems the ideal place to start, as we can moor the boat up then set out on the bikes.

Unfortunately as Naughty-Cal is small the bikes will have to live on the cabin roof, so we will only be able to take them with us if we are heading out on the river. I dont think they will stay put if we start chucking the boat into corners at 30 knots!! But as a way to unwind on the river they should hopefully provide a few hours of exercise each weekend, or failing that a quicker way to get to the pub!

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