Thursday, 27 March 2014

Japan's No.1

Last night Liam brought us these home to try, he often does that at the spur of the moment. It can be anybodies guess what he will bring home. He had been out at lunchtime and spied them in one of the shops he had visited so thought he would give it a go. We will give anything a go once.

Well all I can say is Japan you can keep your number 1 beer. It really is well, just not up to scratch. We tried in vain to compare it to anything else but nothing sprung to mind it was just, well bland and unappealing.

But on the plus side the cans are quite fetching so I have plans to chop off the lids, let Liam take them to work and make the cut edge smooth, and then use the cans on the kitchen window cill to plant some small herbs which should give the rosemary and thyme in the garden a bit of a break!

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