Monday, 24 March 2014

Slowly Does It

We are slowly working our way through the list of jobs to do before Easter. Over the weekend we ticked off a few odd jobs so we are getting there.

We replaced a bulb on the dashboard that had blown. Sounds like a two minute job until you start to dismantle the instrument panel a realise how stupid Sealine were when making the panels. There is no spare cable to pull the panel forward slightly so you need small hands to get in  and access the thing. So small job for the day out of the way we set about the next one.

The dinghy was in desperate need of a good scrub. Thankfully some friends had pumped it out for us so Liam set about bailing out the last of the water and then cleaning the floor, fuel tank and topsides. It still needs pulling out for the bottom scrubbing but that can be another days job.

Lastly we filled the fuel tank. We have been a bit lax with this over the winter and had let it run right down but 150 litres of the red stuff soon saw it brimmed again. We really must try and keep it topped up now so we dont end up with  big fuel bill all at once again!

So with the weekends list of jobs finished we set about working out a plan of attack for next weekend. So far the plan is to service the engine, clean out the engine bay (after the service of course), declutter the cabin cupboards, scrub the canopies and apply a coat or two of Fabsil to keep them well waterproofed. Should be a busy weekend but we will still have time for a quick cruise and might even break the bikes out again!

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