Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Unwrapping and Wrapping

Last night when we got home we decided it would be wise to unwrap the new boat fridge and fitting frame just to double check that we have all of the required fixtures and fittings. There is nothing worse then starting a job only to find that you have some bits missing.

Upon unwrapping the goods we found we had all of the required parts and we had a good look around the new fridge which on first glance is really quite impressive. It is certainly more of a proper little fridge then the old Engel managed to be with a proper little freezer compartment, that we can remove if we find we need more fridge space, a proper salad and vegetable tray, proper bottle holders in the door and plenty of shelve space. 

Happy that we had all of the requisite parts we then set about wrapping it back up again to transport it to the boat on Friday evening.

Tonight we have the next part of the wrapping process as we have a sack full of gifts to wrap up ready to be delivered next week.

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