Monday, 10 December 2018

Getting Cosy

After the efforts on Saturday to get the fridge up and running and in it's new home, it was nice yesterday to have a chilled out day and have no rushing around anywhere.

The fridge by the way is excellent. We had a few concerns about it on Saturday evening as the compressor was running none stop pretty much all day on Saturday. But it turns out we just had it turned up far too high. So high in fact that it was starting to freeze the beer!

With it turned down to a more suitable temperature the beers are ice cold and the compressor is running very little each hour. We are now happy it is working correctly and as an added bonus it fits in far more beer then the old fridge.

Back to yesterday and we had a very pleasant day in Lincoln. We decided to stay in down hill Lincoln as the market was up hill making it very busy up there. So to start with we had coffee in the Cosy Club where Sydney made himself very Cosy indeed. Coffee turned into cocktails and we enjoyed a lovely English Garden cocktail.

Then it was time to move on to do a little shopping before heading to the Treaty of Commerce for a couple of drinks, followed by a drink in the Royal William on the way back to the boat. And after all of that we had a steady cruise back to the Pyewipe Inn to grab some dinner. Liam had stilton stuffed chicken with bacon and chive mash and I opted for the steak and ale pie, both of which were lovely.

All too soon it was time to head back to the marina and wrap up another weekend. Not many more left for this year now. This morning was a chilly start with a thick layer of ice on the car. That took some scraping off at 6am I will tell you!

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