Sunday, 9 December 2018

Beautiful Morning

It is a beautiful morning on the Fossdyke this morning. Bright and sunny but crisp and cold.

We have now left Saxilby our destination of last night and are heading into Lincoln for the day.

Think we will head to the Pyewipe for dinner later.


  1. Christmas market in the bailgate area, but on the bright side at least you will avoid the chaotic traffic

  2. Managed to get on the CRT moorings easily which surprised us. Town is busy but not overly so. Mind you we have stuck to the bottom end.

    Currently in the Cosy Club having a cheeky lunchtime cocktail.

    1. Nice place, uphill Lincoln is packed, with a one way system in place to walk around the market.

    2. Exactly why we have stayed down hill today.

      Quick drink in the Royal William now and then onwards to the Pyewipe.