Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Testing Times

It is now 30 days since Sydney had his rabies jab. So tonight we are off to the vets again for Sydneys blood test to check that the antibodies are there and offering the correct levels of protection.

All being well by next week we should have the blood test results and then three months from that date he will be fit for travel to the EU whatever Brexit decides to throw into the mix.

The daft thing is under current rules he could travel now with his passport. But if the rules change on March 29th we would only have a few weeks to get together the necessary paperwork which just wouldn't be enough time.

This cheap holiday won't have worked out quite so cheap by the time we have gotten the dog sorted and ready to travel. But never mind. We next time we travel with him there will be none of this fuss. The paperwork and vaccines will all be in place already.


  1. Good luck Sydney. Hope the blood results are OK and that this is an end to it for you.

  2. Hopefully this test will show positive for the required level of antibodies. We are quickly running out of time if not!

    He was a brave boy in the vets. Didn't even wince at the needle.