Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Where to Visit

With our holiday on the Norfolk Broads fast approaching we have been starting to decide where we would like to visit. Of course we would like to visit everywhere and with a full two weeks at our disposal we will be able to see more then we usually can in our seven day sprint around the area. But even with so much time on our hands we still won't be able to see everything, so a list is in order.

So far we have, in no particular order:

The Locks Inn at Gelderstone. We only discovered this place on our last visit and it is brilliant in the sunshine.

Loddon. A favourite pit stop of ours. Maybe this year we will stay for the evening.

Unusually we want to stop at Great Yarmouth this year so that we can take Sydney onto the beach for a long walk and a play in the sea.

Horning. Despite all of our visits to the Broads we have never stayed more then a couple of hours here. Maybe time to remedy that this year.

Of course we have to visit Wroxham.

The last time we went to the Broads was the first time we had taken Naughty-Cal up to Coltishall. We always visited by hire boat so will be sure to head up that way again.

Stalham. Home of the massive Richardsons yard and also a convenient stocking up spot with a huge Tesco store and a fine butchers in the village.

St Bennets's Abbey. We couldn't visit the Broads and not stop off here.

Norwich. It had been many years since we last visited and we had forgotten how nice a place it was.

Salhouse Broad and the Fur and Feathers Pub. Both firm favourites and Sydney will love playing on the beach by the Broad.


  1. I still can't get over how good Sydney looks with his hair cut off. I would never have guessed that he had such lovely markings. With you planning your stopping places with him in mind, he is going to think that he has died and gone to heaven. Such a lucky dog to have found you both. (Sorry to go on, but I hate ill treatment of animals, whether physical blows, or neglect that affects them mentally. We have a rescue cat that was only 6 months old when she chose our son at re-homing day - looked nothing like what he said he wanted but melted his heart by holding her paw out to him - and she is such a little character, 'helping' whenever we do anything, that I cannot think why someone didn't want her, to the point that he told a Cat's Protection volunteer that he would kill her if she didn't take her away. Actually I wonder if it was her inquisitiveness that did for her, because we have to be so careful as she appears from nowhere, face full into whatever we are doing, and I suppose that could unnerve someone. I nearly sewed my finger the first time I had my sewing machine out! Anyway, their loss was our gain.)

  2. We still can't quite understand how it has taken him four goes to find his forever home. He had slotted into our lives like he has always been there.

    Think he has just had a run of bad luck poor fella.

    It is very rewarding to watch him seeing and experiencing things for the first time and taking them all in his stride. He is becoming a really lovely dog who we are sure will be a great companion for us both for many years to come.

    We are both really looking forward to taking him on his first holiday with us and can't think of a better place to do that then the Norfolk Broads . He will love it down there.