Thursday, 14 June 2018


We have one very grumpy dog on our hands this week. He went in for his neutering operation on Tuesday and don't we know about it.

He isn't in any pain, the vets team have done a brilliant job and he has been sent home with pain relief should he need it. But he hates his collar. I think to him the collar is worse then the stitches!


  1. Ah, bless him. He won't appreciate it, but one of those cone collars would have been worse. How long does he have to wear it?

  2. Not sure yet. He is back at the vets tomorrow for a post OP check up and then again next week. Hopefully he should be good to go again by next weekend.

    He is getting bored already as there is no jumping or charging around at the minute. Just short toilet breaks on the lead.