Thursday, 7 June 2018

Good Boat Buys

We all like a bargain buy right?

Well our latest bargain buy which has turned out to be a useful piece of kit on the boat is our new vacuum cleaner.

We bought this a couple of weeks ago when it became obvious that our little handheld rechargeable Hoover just wasn't up to the job of dealing with the extra mess that a little doggy makes.

We borrowed a similar unit from a friend and were very impressed with it. So much so that after a lot of searching on Ebay we came across one that looms very similar but has a higher powered motor. The blue one we have bought has a 835w motor where as the one we borrowed was a 650w motor. For the princely sum of £37.99 it was too good a bargain to miss, we had to try it.

We were slightly concerned that our 2kw inverter might struggle with the initial power surge on start up, but we needn't have worried. It works just fine on the inverter and of course when we are plugged into shore power. The motor is fairly quiet and the suction is really very good. The amount of dust it collects from carpets and upholstery which look clean is really very impressive if not somewhat embarrassing. 

The unit seems to be very well put together and of a decent quality which is surprising given it's very reasonable price tag and fairly small size and it seems to be very robust. I guess only time will tell how well it will stand the test of time and the use it will get on the boat but so far it has a big thumbs up from us. Well worth the price.

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