Monday, 3 August 2015

We Knew it Would Come In Handy

We knew that one day us both learning how to drive and handle the boat would come in handy. We always said from day one that we should both have the skills and knowledge to get the boat home on our own should the need ever arise.

Well yesterday proved that point quite well. Liam had been complaining of feeling dizzy and having a loss of balance since Friday morning but had been thinking it would sort itself out by itself. Typical man thinking. Well needless to say it didn't so yesterday Liam was taken to the walk in centre by a friend leaving me to get the boat through Stamp End Lock single handed but with the help of friends who were in their boat. 

With the boat moored on the wall above the lock we assumed Liam would be back shortly with some medication and we would be on our way again. But no. A phone call later revealed Liam was being sent to Lincoln A&E for further assessment. Not really wanting to leave the boat alone at Stamp End, which for anyone that doesn't know the area isn't the most salubrious area of Lincoln, it was decided that I would get the boat back to Burton Waters and then head up to the hospital to meet Liam.

With the hoods up there is not a lot of room to thread Naughty-Cal through the bridges in Lincoln city centre but I managed to get through unscathed, not helped by the annoying little tug narrowboat trip boat which was just milling around going as slowly as possible, but that is a story for another day.

With the boat safely tucked up on its berth I was dropped off at A&E to find Liam, easier said then done as none of the staff knew where he was! After 15 minutes of tracking him down he was finally located in an interview room where he had been given some sedatives to try and bring his heart beat and blood pressure down to acceptable levels. 

Eventually they were happy with his readings and after checking his bloods decided there was little else they could do. They had reached the limitations of what they could do in A&E, so this morning Liam has been dropped off at home and will head to see his GP this morning to try and get more answers and hopefully a referal to someone who can do more conclusive tests. At least we now know that his heart is ok!


  1. Just a little stressful, but so far so good!
    I hope it turns out OK, and soon.

  2. Yes just a bit!

    He had lots more tests at the doctors yesterday before being sent to the hospital for further blood tests. So far they can't find anything major wrong with him just high blood pressure and a suspected severe case of Vertigo.

    They have given him some tablets to help lower his blood pressure and we have to check his blood pressure in the morning and in the evening. He is due back at GP's in a couple of weeks for the blood test results and to see how his blood pressure is coming on,

    There is nothing they can really do for the vertigo. They have given him some exercises to do morning and night which help the body overcome it but there is no medication they can give him to combat it, so it's a wait and see process for now, although he does seem a little better in himself today.