Friday, 14 August 2015

Broken Weekend

It will be a bit of a broken up weekend for us this week. We are heading across the Lincoln this evening to enjoy a few relaxing drinks on board, we don't plan to go anywhere unless the weather has improved somewhat from its current, very wet state. 

Then tomorrow it is back to Sheffield in the evening for a family party. We have decided that I will refrain from drinking and drive back again after the party so that we can enjoy a full day afloat on Sunday. Works fine for me.

So tomorrow will be a bit of a strange day for us as we won't be having any alcohol until we get to the party, well I say we, Liam won't be, I won't be having any at all. Very odd for a weekend, but I'm sure I can have a couple when we get back to the boat tomorrow evening. An afternoon of no drinking however will give us the chance to give the boat a good scrub as it is looking a bit filthy.

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