Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Fixed Or Repaired Daily Again!

The old Ford is really living up to her name sake of being Fixed Or Repaired Daily!

Over the weekend she developed something of a knocking and banging coming from the nearside front wheel area. It was so bad and loud that we considered calling out the recovery service to get her home rather then drive her home, but we stuck with it and managed to limp her home from Lincoln all be it very slowly yesterday morning.

So last night Liam pulled her into the garage at work once more and set about stripping the wheel off and having a gander at what had gone wrong. At first glance nothing looked amiss, one of the bushes is showing signs of wear, odd because it looked fine when we put the car back on the road, but being stood does them no favours I suppose, but that wouldn't be causing the almighty banging we were experiencing with every rotation of the wheel. The only thing we could find slightly out of kilter was one of the brake pads was loose. So as we had a new set of Mintex pads waiting to be fitted we may as well do them now the wheel is off.

With both sides replaced, the wheels back on and a quick rinse off we lock up and head for home still none the wiser. But the noise is gone completely so it must have been the brake pad clattering but it was very noisy if it was that!

It is back into the garage again tonight to fit a new rear near side light. The old light has developed a crack in the lens which is filling up with water and messing with the wiring, so we have sourced a new one. A lovely job for Liam tonight. He loves wiring!

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