Thursday, 6 August 2015

Some Good News

We made a good discovery at the weekend. Despite over a month with no battery charger and at times struggling to keep the voltages at a reasonable level, at times leaving them quite discharged during the week, the batteries don't seem to have suffered any lasting damage.

Last weekend after being left on charge all week they saw us through the weekend moored at Washingborough with no problems or signs of struggling at all. Which can only be good news. We had been concerned that we were ruining a reasonably new set of batteries, they have only been on since last May. But it looks like we have caught them in time and staved off any lasting effects. 

We know, batteries are a consumable item onboard a boat, but we try and aim to get about four years out of them before we replace them. The last lot we replaced at four years old are still providing sterling service on a friends boat who's power demands are not quite so big as ours. We don't like being let down by our batteries so tend to replace them where others try and get by. At the first sign of them getting tired we put new ones on, that way we know that we have the power on demand when we need it. Some might say this is perhaps wasteful but the old batteries usually find new homes with friends.

So one spot of good news in amongst a weekend of worries.

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