Friday, 21 August 2015

Far and Wide

Above is a map with a yellow virtual pin stuck in at every place we have visited with Naughty-Cal over the last seven years. 

The furthest North we have travelled being Royal Quays in North Shields and the furthest South being a very close call but just going to The Five Miles from Anywhere pub on the River Cam with Southwold Harbour a very close second. 

Over the next few years we hope to add many more new places to this ever growing map, some inland and some on the coast.


  1. Have you been up the Thames?
    NB What a Lark

  2. No not yet. We would have to be seriously lucky with the weather to get there and back under our own steam in a two week break.

    We are sticking Naughty-Cal on a trailer for the first time in the summer of 2017 to do the Caledonian Canal and the west coast of Scotland, so we will see how we get on with that.

    If we like putting the boat on the trailer and it isn't too much hassle we will take her to the Thames at some point as well.