Friday, 1 August 2014

Up to Date

So there we are back up to date after a brilliant two weeks on board Naughty-Cal. She couldn't have performed any better and gave a faultless cruise never stepping a foot out of line. We are so proud of our little boat.

So now we can settle into a more sedate pattern of cruising for the next few weeks as we get ready for our next break afloat over the August bank holiday weekend. Naughty-Cal can have a well deserved rest with just weekends spent tootling around on the river to occupy her. 

We have a few small jobs to do before we are ready for the bank holiday cruise to Hull but nothing out of the ordinary. The main task is refueling which we hope to make inroads into this weekend with quick refill of 60 litres or so, with a further top up just before we go. Other than that it is a couple of minor jobs, replacing the immersion in the calorifier, this has been playing up for a few months now sometimes working, sometimes not, but appears to have given up the ghost now so we will replace it. The only other minor job is replacing the shower waste hose which connects the shower plug hole to the sump box. This has developed a slight leak but before it gets too bad we want to replace it. Both minor jobs that are quick and cheap to fix.

For this weekend at least however we will just enjoy being on board. We don't plan to do anything strenuous this weekend. It is all about sitting back, chilling out and relaxing, and that goes for both us and Naughty-Cal.

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