Monday, 18 August 2014

A Windy Weekend

Its been somewhat squally over the weekend but none the less we have enjoyed a brilliant weekend.

On Saturday we were joined by Liam's Auntie and Uncle who made their first visit to Naughty-Cal. It was a little breezy but nothing to unduly worry about and after settling in we set sail to show them the delights of Lincoln City centre before heading back along the Fossdyke to Saxilby where we enjoyed a spot of lunch on board and a few beers and glasses of wine. All too soon it was time to head back to the marina. As we knew it would be very windy on Sunday we called in at the service pontoon on the way back in and filled up with diesel ready for next weekends bank holiday cruise.

Yesterday we never intended to go anywhere. It was far too windy to contemplate taking the boat out safely. We kept waking but dozing back off again so by the time we did eventually drag ourselves out of bed it was just gone ten o clock, almost unheard of for us!

We enjoyed a relaxing morning with a few cups of coffee and some fresh apple juice, before finally getting around to making brunch at midday. We had some nice bread and a selection of continental meats and cheeses left over from yesterdays lunch so I cobbled together some toasted sandwiches using the Diablo toastie maker. They really were very nice and worth the wait. We did eventually manage to get into gear and had an hour or so cleaning the boat, doing the engine checks, checking the raw water strainer and just generally ensuring Naughty-Cal was ready for next weekends run down the Humber.

With everything in place we settled back with a few beers, had a surprise visit from a long lost boating buddy, so enjoyed some more beers and finally settled down to a lovely dinner of haggis with sweet potato and potato, peppered mash. Despite getting up late we were both dog tired by early evening so hit the sack early, we were in bed for 8pm!

Just one last note. I seem to be having problems with the Blogger app on my new phone. Hopefully I can get this sorted by next weekend. It doesnt seem to want to post anything at the minute. Fingers crossed its sorted soon.

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