Thursday, 14 August 2014

New Phones

So we were both due upgrades on our mobile phone contracts. I was adamant that I was going to wait for the new I Phone 6 to come out to replace my I Phone 4S, whilst Liam was somewhat undecided what to replace his Samsung Galaxy S2 with.

So Monday saw us head to the big Tesco store in Sheffield so that Liam could decide what to get. In the end it boiled down to the Samsung Galaxy S5 or the Sony Experia Z2, both of which are high specification phones and more importantly the S5  is water resistant and the Z2 is waterproof to 1.5m. Liam has killed a few smart phones by getting them wet!

In the end the slightly better specification of the Sony Experia Z2 swayed him and before long he was the proud owner of a shiny black phone. Upon getting it home it became quite apparent that actually this is a very good phone. The screen is very high resolution, the camera is shockingly good for a phone and the processors super quick. 

So impressed was I by it that the next day I ordered myself a white one. Sod the I Phone, the Sony is amazing. So mine arrived yesterday and within an hour or so I was up and running with the phone set up as good as the I Phone 4S ever was yet working the apps much quicker.

So you will have to excuse me if you get some random postings on the blog, Im still getting used to the new phone!

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