Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Getting Sorted

It really isnt long now until our next proper trip away on Naughty-Cal. For our extended bank holiday cruise, we have taken an extra day on the Tuesday, we will be heading down the Humber to Hull Marina. 

Until our recent visit to Hull on the way back from Newcastle we had forgotten just how much we enjoy spending time in the city.

But before we can leave we need to make sure Naughty-Cal is ready for action once more. Last weekend we make in roads into filling the fuel tank with 80 litres of the red stuff. This coming weekend we will add another 60 litres which should easily see us to Hull and back before we need to start refuelling again for our week away in October!

Other than refuelling and checking the oil, water and fuel filter it will just be a case of decluttering the cupboards once more and giving her a good scrub from top to bottom. 

This coming weekend we have family coming to visit on the Saturday so last weekend we started the job of cleaning the cabin and cockpit. The rain stopped play on the exterior cleaning but that wont take much more than a half hour on Saturday morning before they arrive. Where we end up taking them will very much depend on the weather, if it is wet or windy it wont be too far!

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