Tuesday, 19 August 2014

A Chill in the Air

There has been a definate chill in the air for the last couple of mornings so with this in mind I have dug out the fleece blanket we usually keep on Naughty-Cal during the winter and given it a nice, long, hot wash ready to put back on the boat on Friday evening. 

Hopefully its just a small hiccup and we will see more of the summer weather we were promised, where is the heat wave we were supposed to be getting?

For this coming weekend at least we are resigned to the fact it isnt going to be overly warm so we are taking the blanket, plenty of warm jumpers and with the diesel tank full and the Webasto in full working order we shall be lovely and warm whatever the weather throws at us.

Mind you we dont intend to spend that long on the boat. We are not going to Hull to drink on the boat!! 


  1. The heat wave was in late June and most of July! Surely you didn't miss it :-)

  2. Was that it? Two weeks of summer?

    In that case perhaps we were lucky. We went away that two weeks!

  3. Hi you two, I’m sure you’ll be glad of that blanket. I too was wondering where summer had gone and if it was going to come back! We swapped the summer duvet to the autumn one last night we’d been so cold! Enjoy the next part of your summer (?) cruising.

  4. It doesn't look overly promising for the bank holiday weekend. Looks like a cruise down the Humber on a cold grey august day.