Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Yorkshire Wraps

We discovered these quite by accident during our bank holiday tourist trail of Lincoln. The Yorkshire Wrap, a new concept to us but one we have really come to accept.

The concept is simple enough. Make a Yorkshire pudding/pancake batter, form into pancakes, top with your favourite topping, roll the pancake and then bake in the oven for thirty minutes.

The first batch of these we made was with sliced chicken breast, stuffing and thick chicken gravy.

The batch in this picture were what I made on Monday evening with BBQ pulled pork, chilli, onion, bell pepper and mushroom served with hot and spicy onion rings and a fresh side salad. 

You can put pretty much whatever you want in these, the formula is the same and they are dead easy and quick to prepare. We are going to try them stuffed with chilli con carne next time and served with garlic bread and salad.

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