Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Mixed Bag

Well the weekend was certainly a mixed bag. Saturday really didnt look very promising at all. From the moment we woke up it was raining heavily so we pottered around in town until it stopped enough to encourage us to move on. We eventually settled onto the visitor moorings in Saxilby where we enjoyed a peaceful night onboard with a few drinks and some food rustled up from the kitchen stores.

On sunday we really had to take Naughty-Cal back and give her a good scrub. In a couple of short hours we had her looking spick and span again. Liam set about unjamming the chain from the anchor winch which had very unhelpfully jammed up on the Wash as we were retrieving the chain, he also fitted new deck switches as the old ones were becoming unreliable. Finally we collected our bicycles again and had a short but welcome ride along the towpath which unfortunately ended with Liam picking up a puncture but never mind, its easily fixed.

We did have a stroke of luck though. A friend had ordered some new wiper arms and blades for his boat only to discover they were the wrong ones and non returnable. As luck would have it they are spot on for our boat. So next weekend Naughty-Cal will have some new wiper arms which should tidy her appearance up no end.

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