Friday, 13 June 2014

Weekend of Fun

It looks set to be a very busy weekend for us and Naughty-Cal. It is the weekend of the Lincoln Waterside Festival but also we have friends here who we dont see as often as we would like, Martyn and Gill from Nitty Gritty and Liams mum is coming to pay us a visit on Saturday as well.

But first things first tonight after work we have to sprint to Lincoln to get to the boat club in time to open up and work our shift behind the bar. This year we have fallen lucky and dont have as many shifts to do but this weekend is one of our four for the year.

Tomorrow we will be seeking out a suitable mooring in the Brayford Pool where we can spend the weekend enjoying the festivities. Martin and Gill have Nittty Gritty out of the water at Burton Waters so after they have finished they mornings work they will join us and Ronnie will be coming along at some point as well. It was Liams birthday during the week so we all intend to celebrate in style this weekend.

Sunday should see us heading back to the marina as Liam is doing a few minor repairs to the bow of Nitty Gritty, but then we might have time to fit Naughty-Cal's shiny new windscreen wiper arms and blades.

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