Thursday, 5 June 2014

Wells next the Sea 2014 - Part 3

Days 8 and 9
Wells next the Sea to Burton Waters

 All too soon its time to head home.

 Devocean heading for home.

 Trip boat enjoying the glassy seas.

 We dont experience seas like this very often.

 Obligatory wake shot.

 With the sea conditions so favourable we opt for heading back in two tides. So we anchor up just off Charlie Buoy.

 Naughty-Cal at anchor in the Wash.

 As Roger Sands appear with the dropping tide, so do the seals.

 The intrepid explorer sets out.

 What you doing on my beach?

 Looking back at the boats from the beach.

 BBQ on Roger Sands.

 Stormy skies over the Wash.

 Waiting for the tide to turn.

 Heading back to Boston.

 Wrecks in the Wash sands.

 Tabs Head high and dry at low tide.

 Waiting pontoons for the Black Sluice well dried out. The sign is a little optimistic it would seem!!

 This yacht has some time to wait before its afloat again.

 Back on the non tidal Witham heading for home in thesunshine.

 Grass snake swimming in the Witham.

Back on the Fossdyke and almost home.

In summary this has been a great trip of some 180 miles. We refuelled at Geordies at Langrick Bridge on the way home with 150 litres of diesel. This has filled the tank and we have used maybe a further 10 litres or so to get back to the marina.

Naughty-Cal has proved herself once again to be in fine form and we can now look forward to our summer trip to the Scottish Borders in just five weeks time.

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