Friday, 27 June 2014

Creeping Up

Its happening again. Our big holiday for this year is creeping up on us before we know it. It only seems like two minutes ago we were coming back from Wells next the Sea but here we are with just two weekends to go before the off!

Luckily we dont have too much to do to get Naughty-Cal ready for her big adventure. Last weekend we got the spare gas bottle refilled so we now have almost two full bottles which should be plenty. This weekend we will refuel, she needs about 100 litres or so to fill her up which isn't bad considering we have not put any in since we filled up at Geordies on the way back from Wells.

Unfortunately on the way back along the Fossdyke last weekend on the way back to the marina we managed to ding the props on some hidden debris. So one of the spare sets is now on its way to be refurbished. We should hopefully have this back in time to fit next weekend, but if not we can pop down one night in the week, the week after to fit them.

Other than that it is just a simple case of checking we are stocked up on the essentials and giving Naughty-Cal a good scrub and clean. Next weekend Liam will change the engine oil and filter to ensure she is running on fresh oil. She isnt due a change just yet but it will do no harm to give her some fresh new oil as she will be working hard for the two weeks we are away. He will also change the supercharger oil and hydraulic oil in the trim rams. Since we installed new seals in the rams earlier this year we have no fluid leaks but there is still some water contamination left over in the systems. By changing the fluid two or three times this year we hope to flush it through and leave a water free hydraulic system.

With not too much to do before the off we can have a relaxed weekend this weekend. The weather doesnt look too great but we can still enjoy some relaxing time onboard.

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