Tuesday, 21 August 2018


Rather unusually for the Fossdyke, the EA seemed to be having trouble maintaining the river levels over the weekend.

In normal circumstances the river levels varies by only a few inches even during periods of dry weather and wet weather. During exceptional rainfall events it may rise a foot or so but this is very much an unusual event for the river.

Over the weekend they had quite the opposite problem and the water levels were at one point down a good foot on what we would usually expect. Now the Fossdyke isn't the deepest in places anyway so this did mean that the deeper drafted boats were having problems getting alongside at a few of the moorings.

By yesterday the water levels were once again rising slowly so whatever the problem was must have been sorted. My best guess would be that a sluice somewhere had become stuck open allowing the water to drain away. But that is only a best guess.

Looking at the EA website this morning the water levels are still not quite at the "normal" level but they are heading in the right direction again.

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