Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Four Months On

It is now four months, almost to the day, that little Sydney worked his way into our lives. At that point we were not even sure if we could have a dog with work commitments and lack of time.

But somehow he wormed his way in and with a few changes to our lifestyle we have managed to work a way around being custodians of this happy little chappy.

The legacy of ailments he has suffered due to his previous ill treatment are almost behind him. It is hard to believe that he is the same dog we took custody of just four months ago. He has flourished with some care and nurturing and some much needed training and attention.

But there is still one little niggling medical problem which is refusing to go away. A persistent nail bed infection in one of his dew claws. We are fairly certain that this has been an ongoing problem with him for some time before we took over his care, mainly due to what appears to be scar tissue in the area. Antibiotics do help with the infection but after a shore time off of them it just reappears again.

The vets have been excellent with him and really want to avoid what will be another operation and putting him under yet again. But this time really is the last chance for this claw. Last night we decided with the vet that this will be the last course of antibiotics and then it is time try another tactic. So after the next 21 days if it has not cleared up it is time for something more drastic!


  1. Fingers crossed for Sydney.

  2. It is frustrating more then anything. As soon as we think it has cleared up a few weeks later it flares up again. It doesn't seem to bother him too much, I guess because it is not on the surface he walks on but further up the leg.

    Fingers crossed this long course of antibiotics works!