Friday, 10 August 2018

Smoke. But Not On the Water

We awoke this morning to the thick smell of smoke in the air. Our first thoughts were initially to look around the house for anything burning. But then we realised it was coming from outside.

Maybe someone had a late garden fire last night, but no the smoke was hanging across all of the valley's we can see from our homes elevated position.

A quick look on the news soon confirmed that the smoke was from a moorland fire. But not a local one. No this smoke plume was blowing in from Staffordshire of all places.

Travelling across town to work the smoke has if anything gotten worse and the smell is thick in the air. It will make for a very uncomfortable day at work I should think.

We will be glad to get to the boat tonight and hopefully get some respite from this smell!


  1. Today's torrential rain has put out the two local fires here in Lincoln!

  2. If the rain has been heavy it might have helped us out and washed some of the crap off our hoods :)

    Hardly had any rain here in Sheffield today. Just started and it is only light.