Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Sydneys Holiday

Sydney was a super star on what we think was his first ever holiday. He took the change in surroundings in his stride and really came into his own. Over the last two weeks he has really grasped what we are expecting of him and at the same time has enjoyed himself as I am sure the next set of photographs will confirm.

On the beach

And in the sea

Keeping an eye on proceedings across Breydon Water

One of may walks

Breakfast time

Swimming at Beccles

Syds new perch

Sheltering from the sun in the cabin but still watching the world go by

I can see you

Another shady walk in the woods

Happily exhausted.

Watching the world go by

BBQ time

Even happy to be on the day boat we hired from Potter Heigham

Waiting to head home

Syd making sure that all goes well retrieving Naughty-Cal from the water.


  1. Certainly looks as though he enjoyed himself. Still can't get over the difference his haircut made.

  2. He is due another hair cut next month. He is getting a bit long again now!