Wednesday, 28 March 2018

What a Weekend - Part 2

With Hewy Louis not fixed it is time to strap her to the back of Naughty-Cal and head for home. We can at this point still make the last advertised locking into Torksey so lets get going.

It's a pleasant day for it

Meandering up river. It is as this point that we hear the news the last lock will now be 5pm not the 6pm advertised. We won't make it back in time!

Time to ring the relevant bosses and arrange an extra day off work.

In the lock cut as the sun is setting.

The end of another day.

Day three and time to set this rig up and bit better.

Up onto the Fossdyke.

Heading for home. Nearly there now.

Naughty-Cal enjoying a well earned rest.

Hewy Louis back on her mooring.

It has been an adventure that's for sure and a trip to West Stockwith that none if us will forget for a long time to come. Now we just need to get Hewy Louis fixed and it's time to arrange the next E Pontoon outing.

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