Friday, 16 March 2018

Talking Tidal

We decided that as we are now officially heading to the Thames that we really should start looking at some of the more important aspects of the trip. So yesterday with a little help from the members of the YBW Thames Forum, we started planning one of the tidal legs of our trip from Teddington to St Katherines Dock.

We expected this to be a fairly easy leg to plan but due to tidal constraints at St Katherines it isn't as easy to plan as it probably should be. Heading down in one tide would leave us very little time to spare at the other end, so we have decided that we will break the trip at Chiswick Pier. 

We have two options for this either head down to Chiswick on the early morning tide and wait for the next tide into London, or head down the evening before on the evening tide and spend the night moored at Chiswick before heading to London the following lunchtime. 

We think that we will take the latter option. The tide timings work in such a way that we can spend most of the Friday on the non tidal river before heading to Chiswick late afternoon or early evening.

We have sent an email to hopefully book and reserve a berth so fingers crossed this is another little job crossed off the list.

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