Wednesday, 14 March 2018

It's Official

Naughty-Cal's visitors licence for the Thames arrived earlier this week. So I guess that's it. It's official now we are going to the Thames this summer.

One slight quirk with this licence though. The letter it came with kindly requests that you display them on both sides of the boat, but only one copy arrived by post!

And on top of that for the grand total of £58.50, all we have received is a print off on an A4 sheet of paper. No adhesive visitors plates as we usually get from other navigation authorities. We feel a bit cheated.

As we have only got one copy and it is going to be a bit cumbersome to display I have taken it to work where I will scan it in and try to make it a bit more suitably sized for sticking in the windows and can print a couple of copies off so that we can display them on both sides of the boat.

We didn't expect to be messing about like this for what it has cost!


  1. At least you wont spend the rest of the year trying to get the adhesive off from the sticky ones they sell at the locks

  2. I have scanned it in at work and been messing around with it to make it a better size to fit in our windows. When we have the right size I will get it properly so that we can display it both sides of the boat.