Monday, 19 March 2018

Hunkering Down

Yesterday was not a day for going anywhere. It was a day for hunkering down with the heating on and a good book. The wind was still bitterly cold but thankfully the extra snow that was forecast never did arrive, although the sky looked full of it all day. 

What was a surprise was that the snow that had fallen on Saturday did start to thaw. It didn't feel warm enough but there was a definite and clear start to the thaw and more so overnight.

We did eventually manage to tear ourselves away from the heating and have the very short walk across to Harbour Lights to enjoy a few drinks and a fantastic Sunday Lunch. We both had the calamari to start with Liam opting for the chicken dinner and me the beef which was cooked to perfection and served with proper Yorkshire puddings and all the trimmings.

With dinner finished we headed back to the boat and started getting ready to come home this morning with stuff loaded into the car. We had an early night expecting the drive back to Sheffield this morning to be a difficult one, but it was one of the easiest and quickest drives back we have had in a long while!

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