Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Trimming Up

The time has come for a bit of trimming up. No not of the Christmas tree. Of Naughty-Cal and more specifically her cockpit.

The cockpit upholstery is starting to show signs of wear in places, perhaps not surprising considering the use it has had, after all Naughty-Cal is coming up for 14 years old next year.

So at the weekend we had a chat with Chris Potts of Marine and Industrial Covers and booked Cal in for a retrim in February, Chris's quieter time of the year. 

We have decided against the traditional white vinyl with blue piping and have opted for something just a little bit more modern, something Chris has yet to do on a Sealine S23 so he is up for the challenge and we are keen to give it a try. I won't let much more out of the bag just yet. You will have to wait and see the finished article in a few months time!


  1. Sounds very exciting, Rachael. Look forward to seeing it!