Friday, 25 November 2016

Plan B

With the water levels still high and the flood gates still closed at Torksey Lock we have had to make a Plan B for the weekend.

A real shame as we had been looking forward to heading out onto the Trent and having a meal in The Ferry Boat at Laneham. 

Never mind it will wait for another day. Even if the gates do open today the river levels will still be high and we don't want to have to be wading through flood waters on the banks to get to the pub or more importantly in the dark on the way back from the pub, so the decision has been made, rather sensibly to call off the trip and head into Lincoln for a curry instea


  1. When did sensible ever come into it? you need to invest in some waders! ;D

  2. We fell foul of it last year at High Marnham. Came back to the boats after a meal in the Brownlow Arms only to find the access to the boats flooded. No fun wading through the Trent at gone midnight to get back to the boat and to bed!

    Fancy staying dry so we will opt for the sensible curry night option.

  3. only pulling your chain. its my first year and i have already fallen foul twice resulting in cruising in the dark in a swollen river. its not nice..... although with the forecast the rivers wont be rising this weekend.

  4. The Trent is Tidal at Laneham. It rises twice each day :)

    At high tide with the river levels so high the banks will be covered.

    1. lol! ok, but not as high as it was on Wednesday...... enjoy your curry!..... wouldn't fancy being on that boat in the morning! 😂

    2. Curry is tomorrow night. Boat is safe until Sunday morning!