Wednesday, 16 November 2016


We inadvertently ended up defrosting the freezer last night, rock and roll I know!

I had taken one of the drawers out for cleaning after having emptied it and discovered just how iced up the freezer had become. So iced up that we struggled to even get the shelf back in again once cleaned, so that was it. Nothing for it but to defrost the whole thing while there is not a lot of food in there. We always run the freezer down towards this time of year so that we can stock it up with fresh produce for the upcoming festive period.

It only took a few hours to defrost in the end, but it is a messy job with water and ice everywhere. With the ice all gone it was time to clean the other three drawers and the freezer body and sift through the remaining contents, now sat in a cool box keeping chilled to decide what was worthy of keeping. In the end most of it was kept as there was very little in there to start with.

So we now have a very clean and quite empty freezer waiting for the Christmas produce to arrive.

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