Thursday, 24 November 2016

Preliminary Planning

Regular readers of this blog will by know have realised that pretty much every time we make a plan something comes along and spoils it, be it the weather, sea conditions, ill health, something usually gets in the way.

But for certain trips we have to do a certain amount of planning. Next summers trip to Scotland is one such trip. We already know that we are being dropped into the water at Inverness, and after a day sorting the boat out in Inverness Marina we will be heading onto the Caledonian Canal for a week. This part is fairly simple but then we have a further week on the West coast of Scotland to plan out. So we needed to start looking at places we would like to visit.

So far the list is looking a bit like this:

 The Holly Tree at Kentallen.

Glencoe. Probably on the same day as we visit Kentallen as it is only around the corner.

 The Creagan Inn at Creagan.

 Oban to stock up on supplies and have a days shore break.

 Seil. We have visited here by car so really want to head there by boat. We will anchor in the bay and dinghy to the pub though. Don't fancy risking Seil Sound in Naughty-Cal!

And finally Tobermory.

Of course this list is not exhaustive and we will no doubt stop in many other bays and coves on our way between destinations. But it does give a little flavour of the places we hope to see and visit along the way.

This really does promise to be a great trip.


  1. Dont know if you are a whisky drinker, but both Tobermory & Oban have distilleries within easy walking of the harbours, I can recommend the tours & of course the product !

  2. I'm sure that we would enjoy a little tipple or two.