Monday, 24 October 2016

The Present

I forgot to tell you yesterday that we had picked up Naughty-Cal's latest present. We have bought her a tonneau cover in readiness for her road trip to Scotland next summer.

Now a new one was going to be £480 from the chap we use for our hoods and soft furnishings, however a quick word with the marina staff and they had one with very light use that we could have for £100 made by the same chap. A done deal if ever there was one.

We have not had chance to fit it on the boat yet. The weather looked a bit iffy yesterday for taking the hoods off the boat, but we do know that there will be a few modifications to make too it. Not all of the studs will line up as it was made for another S23 and they are all slightly different. But these minor modifications shouldn't cost much to rectify. We will wait until the weather starts to get a bit better next spring and fit the tonneau cover then get the canopy man to sort it out during the week while we are at work.

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