Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Dirty Dinghy

We have had our dinghy for quite a few years now and the time has come to bring it home for the winter and give it a thorough refurbishment ready for our trip to Scotland next summer.

The main body of the dinghy is in good order if not a little dirty, the bottom will have a fine layer of green as it has not been out of the water for a long time but this will wash off with a little bit of scrubbing and the jet wash. 

The wooden floor boards on the other hand have not weathered so well. They have spent several winters now covered with water as we don't cover the dinghy over. This has rotted the wood away on several places. The plan is to remove the boards and use them as templates to make some new fibre glass boards which will stand the weather much better.

While we have the dinghy at home we will give it a very thorough clean and polish, buy and fit a new rope which runs around the dinghy and also buy some new mooring rope as well. We will also be on the look out this winter for a second small outboard engine. We will be limited by weight and space when we get the boat trailed to Scotland so our big 6hp won't be able to come with us. So we are on the look out for a smaller and lighter 2.3hp Honda outboard.

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