Friday, 21 October 2016

It's So Unusual

A slightly unusual evening for us this evening as we will actually be spending it in the marina tucked up on our home berth, something we very rarely do. If you think about it we don't really get such good value from it as we so rarely use it other than to leave the boat on sat empty during the week.

With the dinghy cleaning booked in for tomorrow though we decided it would be a good idea to stay in the marina. We also have a few other jobs line up for the morning so it makes good sense. 

Other then the cleaning of the dinghy and testing of the freshly serviced outboard engine we also have to refill the fuel tank on "big boat", replace and empty gas cylinder, give the inside of the boat a good clean and the cockpit upholstery is ready for a good scrub also. We re also hoping to be able to pick up a present for Naughty-Cal but more on that at the weekend if we can pick it up! 

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