Tuesday, 25 October 2016

All Rise

Boat licence fees, we all have to pay them, well we all should pay them anyway but lets not stray off topic with that one.

Next year Canal and Rivers Trust are raising their licence fees by 2.5%. Not a massive overall increase but an increase all the same.

Now spare a though for our boating cousins on the Norfolk Broads who are facing an annual increase in their licence fees of 22%. Yes that is right 22%. On top of that to add insult to injury they are also proposing to increase the fee for using Mutford Lock from £13 each way to £30 each way. 

Now we love the Norfolk Broads and it is always nice to see that the Broads Authority are spending the money on works to keep the Broads useable for all. But how can they justify those annual increases in licence fees?

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