Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Humber Rescue

Today is the 25th anniversary of the formation of the Humber Rescue. Humber Rescue is an independent charity which provides a first response to incidents in the Humber estuary, one of the most dangerous navigable rivers in the world. Their area covers some 540 square miles and covers the River Ouse, River Trent, River Hull and River Humber.

Below are a selection of photographs from just a couple of the more dramatic rescues Humber Rescue have carried out over the years. The first few are of the rescue of two crew members off a cruiser which suffered electrical problems off Blacktoft Jetty resulting in the total loss of the vessel. Within minutes of the crew being rescued from the vessel it was completely engulfed in flames.

The next photos are of the rescue of the crew of coaster Scot Trader who started listing in the Upper Humber and lost all radio contact with Humber VTS. Humber Rescue were dispatched initially to find the whereabouts of the Scot Trader however their mission soon changed to the rescue of the crew of the stricken vessel.

And this final photo is of the Humber Rescue's fast response vessel, capable of reaching those in peril in these fickle waters within minutes of being launched.

Without the Humber Rescue team being on stand by there would be far more loss of life on these perilous waters. The team at Humber Rescue put their lives in danger to save those who have run into trouble and to this end we offer our praise to all the team.

Well done guys and heres to another 25 years of rescues on the Humber estuary.

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