Friday, 24 April 2015


Last weekend my trusty Fujifilm Bridge Camera finally gave up the ghost. It had been playing up for sometime now, becoming very slow to focus, taking random shots on its own, turning on and off at will, but finally on Sunday, just in time tfor going to see the mini's in Lincoln it bailed out completely and refused to even turn on despite having fresh batteries.

So sadly it had to go in the bin. The price of the camera has come down so much it was not worth getting it fixed. To be fair it had hardly led a pampered life and had survived many a dosing with salt water, many a fall in the boats cabin and some occasional rough handling whilst onboard, so it didn't do badly.

Now the time to find a replacement. As much as I love photography I want an easy to use camera that is small enough to carry around. I don't want to be carrying lots of expensive lenses and lights around. In effect I want a point and shoot. Which is why yet again I will be steering towards a Bridge camera, they are not the most compact unit but they have a wide ranging lens suited to a wide range of conditions.

So far the favourite is the Nikon L330 pictured above. So now it is just time to strike a deal and look around for the best offers.

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