Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Boring Expenditure

You know how sometimes you are forced into spending money on things that you really don't want too?

You know boring things like the boiler? Well yesterday was one of those days.

The boiler at home had stopped making hot water (we are having a run of bad luck with hot water of late, both the house and the boat!) and was well due a service anyway so we called in the gas man.

£220 worse off for the experience we now have a freshly serviced boiler and a new zone control valve in the airing cupboard, oh and hot water coming from the taps. 

The list of boring but essential expenditure isn't going to stop there though, in the next couple of weeks we need to buy some new hedge trimmers and pluck up the enthusiasm to trim said hedges, buy two new calipers for my car, and pluck up the enthusiasm to fit them, get in a roofer to replace a slipped hip tile and some cracker roof tiles, get in a plumber to sort out a stubborn toilet, order a new front door, get in a plasterer.......

The list is seemingly endless. And it doesn't end with the house and the car, we need to spend some more on the boat as well. It is due a full service before we go away at the end of May to Wells next the Sea.

This year is looking expensive!

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