Tuesday, 28 October 2014


We hate wasting food. If one of us has gone to the effort of cooking a nice, healthy meal, why throw it away again if there is some left over?

On a Monday lunchtime I have to do the mad dash home to put away the shopping I did first thing in the morning, sort out the four days worth of post on the door mat and stick a load of washing in the machine ready to hang up when we get home from work. In between this little lot I have to grab a bite to eat all in the space of a little under 20 minutes.

So here is where left overs come into their own. I portion them up and freeze them and then on Friday morning just before we leave for work and a weekend on the boat I grab a tub out of the freezer and stick it in the fridge to thaw out, ready to reheat on Monday.

The picture opposite is what I rustled up yesterday lunchtime and comprises the leftover filling from last weeks bacon, leek and mushroom pie reheated and then a packet of precooked basmati rice mixed in. Took the whole of about three minutes to make and was super tasty. The blue cheese sauce was still as pungent as when it was made last week and went really very well with the rice.

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