Thursday, 23 October 2014

Clean, Clean, Clean

Now who would have thought that the purchase of something so simple as a new vacuum cleaner would spark off such a big clean up operation?

Now we have always prided ourselves in keeping our home looking presentable and tidy but along came Henry (the hoover) and he proved that actually our old vacuuming and dusting regime was a little below par, well it must have been judging by how much dust he has sucked up in just a few short evenings!

To say we were a little dismayed by the amount of dust would perhaps be an understatement, we were mortified but going forward we can now aim to keep the house even cleaner ans fresher than before. 

Our big clean seems to have upset the troop of large house spiders padding around the house, they all came out at once last night to have a look at what all the fuss is about. Liam has gracefully ejected the ones he could catch into the garden but no doubt they will be back to swell the ranks before too long. 

With inroads made into getting the house dust free once more we are now making plans to redecorate a few rooms this winter, perhaps starting with the living/dining room which will be one of the easier rooms to complete. This room doesn't need much doing just a quick lick of paint to the walls and ceiling and then a bit of work to the chimney breast to make it more of a focal point to the room.

Watch this space for updates on the decorating in the next couple of weeks. The plan for this winter is to freshen up the living/ding room, the kitchen/breakfast room and our bedroom. None of which want much doing to them, nor much money spending on them but they just need a bit of a tart up to keep them looking nice, clean and tidy.

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